Book Talks

The authors can occassionally make themselves available for slideshows, readings, or discussions.  Arthur has previous experience discussing several of the issues in the book at dairy and swine health conferences scattered throughout the midwest.

June 2014 – International Health Convention, Beijing, China.

January 2014 – FSA Convention, Miami Floridia.

Sunday Dec 8th (General Book Talk) UU of Northampton & Florence.

Sunday Sept 15th – White Square Fine Books and Art (General Book Talk & Reading), Easthampton, MA.

One thought on “Book Talks

  1. Leah, thanks for the talk this afternoon, and for the book. Your blog is impressive too. I am giving a seven minute showcase talk at my BNI meeting this Wednesday and think I will change my topic to include some of your info.

    Have you contacted Odyssey Books in South Hadley. They have an “On the Shelf” bulletin that goes out to subscribers and they have authors talk at the store.

    In reading your book I saw your comment about being Vit D deficient. That often may be one of the signs of gluten syndrome (celiac, intolerance). Anemia or osteoporosis can also be the only presenting signs. One does not need to have overt digestive problems, pain, bloating, diarrhea, et al to raise the clues. If you would like to learn more, and/or obtain a test kit, call me, 413-527-7524. The kit is free, it is from IMMCO, the best lab in the U.S. There is a charge for the test. I can explain which tests would be right for you. Bruce Homstead, MS, RDN, LDN

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