The Project

Arthur Dunham, a large animal veterinarian from Northeastern Iowa, has spent years poring over research papers and farm publications in attempts to remedy the underlying causes of unusual animal ailments.  In 2008 his daughter Leah Dunham decided to turn her father’s research notes and observations into a book.  In her book, America’s Two-Headed Pig, she explains how several veterinary diagnoses have been complicated by genetically modified, antibiotic resistant, and pesticide dependent ag systems.  In each chapter, she explores how an animal illness has been affected by two-headed science — science that has been deformed and corrupted by vested interests. She also uses stories from her personal experiences on Iowa livestock farms to illustrate the numerous connections between these illnesses and misinformed policies.  She argues that changes to farm policies and human consumption patterns could make huge differences to the future health of all creatures, great and small.


57 thoughts on “The Project

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